AiSP – Student Volunteer & Recognition Seminar 2018

I will be presenting a talk at the Student Volunteer & Recognition Seminar 2018 titled “The road less travelled by – Journey towards the Cybersecurity Profession”. With Singapore driving towards the Smart Nation Initiative and mulitple cybersecurity programmes being launched by the Singapore government and universities, students can be overwhelmed by multiple career options. Moreover, many cybersecurity careers may require demonstration of passion and skill mastery before applicants can secure a job offer. I will share my journey of how I ventured into the cybersecurity profession back in the days when cybersecurity was not sexy, and how I tried to be involved with the industry whilst studying. I will also suggest some ways to discover your own cybersecurity interests and study tips, and last but not least, provide some insight to the cybersecurity industry.

The Student Volunteer & Recognition Seminar is an inaugural seminar that launches the Student Volunteer Recognition Programme Framework proposed by AiSP in Singapore. The objective of this framework is to recognise students’ efforts while volunteering in cybersecurity related activities and events. In addition, the framework aims to encourage students to volunteer while building an interest in cybersecurity.

Date: 11 October 2018 (Thursday)
Time: 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Venue : Lifelong Learning Institute, 11 Eunos Road 8, Singapore 408601

Students interested to attend this event will have to contact their Programme Chair/Director and register by 1st October 2018. See you there!


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