11. SANS Community Night 2023, Singapore – Diaries from the SANS Internet Storm Center (2022 Edition) [14 March 2023]

10. Student Volunteer and Recognition Programme (SVRP) Outreach, Kent Ridge Secondary School Cyber-wellness Talk 2022, Singapore – Fake News & Scams

9. Student Volunteer and Recognition Programme (SVRP) Outreach, Holy Innocents High School Career Talk 2021, Singapore – Working Towards the Cybersecurity Profession

8. Student Volunteer and Recognition Programme (SVRP) Outreach, Greenridge Secondary School Career Talk 2020, Singapore – Working Towards the Cybersecurity Profession

7. SANS Community Night 2020, Singapore

6. Singapore Polytechnic (SP) Common Infocomm Technology Programme (CITP) Talk 2019, Singapore – Journey Towards the Cybersecurity Profession

5. AiSP Cybersecurity Awareness & Advisory Programme (CAAP) Workshop 2018, Singapore – Improving Security Defences and Reducing Risks to Businesses

4. AiSP Student Volunteer and Recognition Seminar 2018, Singapore – The Road Less Travelled By: Journey Towards the Cybersecurity Profession

3. AiSP 2017, Singapore – Public Disclosure of Two Previously Undisclosed Vulnerabilities in an IoT Product

2. AiSP-SIT Ransomware Awareness Seminar 2017, Singapore – Behavioural Analysis of Ransomware and How to Mitigate the Threat

1. iHack 2016 (Universiti Teknologi Mara Malaysia) – Using Active Defense to Thwart Cyber Threats

0. Governance Technology Audit, Control and Security (GTACS) Singapore 2015 – The Inconvenient Truth about the State of Security in Mobile Apps: Case Study of a Mobile App Pentest


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